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Create your own AI Agent

Personalised, fast

and reliable

A new and exciting way for providers to offer a personalised, multilingual, 24/7 guest experiences. 

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Make it a conversation not a transaction

In times where every guest is treated like another number, you can build meaningful relationships.

Infuse your personality into every line

Share personalised recommendations 

Upsell beds, experiences and souveniers

Bring your guest back with rewards 

Infuse your spirit

Works in all languages - available 24/7

Capture leads or convert guest on the spot

Inform, educate & inspire your guests

Arr matey,
Shiver me timbers! We be glad to hear ye’ll be joinin’ us soon. Aye, ye can come over to the hostel as soon as ye arrive. Our reception be open 24 hours, so ye can check-in at any time. If yer room ain’t ready yet, ye can surely hang out in the common area or use our communal kitchen to cook yerself a hearty meal.
We look forward to welcomin’ ye aboard!​

Say it your way

Just as your business reflects your style and taste, your approach to customer conservation should also embody those qualities and convey what you aspire to represent in the world.

Say it your way

A strategic & customer experience solution for your brand

Every guest request presents an opportunity to cultivate a potential connection, generate sales, and receive positive reviews.

Save hours of valuable time

By automating repetitive tasks you free up the time of your employees to focus on what matters the most.

Increase guest satisfaction

Communicate personally with your guests by connecting all your communication channels and using your guest data.

Increase your revenue

Define and segment target audiences based on their preferences, enabling better opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Help your team be more efficient

By having all tools in one place and the right workflows, your staff will achieve better results.

AI Agent works with your



Email (Gmail + Outlook)




Helpdesk (Zendesk + Freshdesk)

Phone (coming soon)

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